A new era of zero-stress car ownership

Vehicle Mind is a complete set of services for easy aftermarket car care. We use technology to bring knowledge, transparency, and affordable prices to vehicle owners.

No Exploitation

No longer will users be sold parts of unknown provenance and quality, demanded to pay unreasonable prices, and asked to carry out unnecessary repairs.

No Inconvenience

Be in control when faced with minor and major issues like breakdowns, collisions, third party damage, towing, tolls, parking tickets, theft, low battery, and low fuel.

No Stress

No more lack of knowledge in dealing with unfamiliar situations and repair, anxiety about new drivers, fear when buying or selling used cars.

Always at your service.

Vehicle Mind is dedicated to making car care as easy as possible. We imagine a future where users are informed, empowered, and in control at all times. In Vehicle Mind, you have a partner that you can trust.

Answer any question

Your questions will never be left unanswered. Our on-demand experts will be available to respond to all your automotive needs at all times.

Managed car care

Preventive maintenance customized to individual needs and patterns of use. Vehicle Mind is like a 24×7 shield around you and your car.

Smart Services

Our suite of smart services will simplify your life, so that you can focus on things that are important to you.

A better future through
intelligent car care

By making car care easy, making vehicle ownership stress-free, and empowering users with knowledge, Vehicle Mind enables a better future for everyone.

Simplicity in Motion

Devising simple solutions is hard. It requires dedication and focus. It takes unrelenting attention to detail and a customer-centric mindset. But above all, it needs a desire to make a change.


Vehicle Mind services are built on a bedrock of solid engineering. Customer-facing solutions need a soft touch, but operate on real hardware with a suite of sensors that monitor and protect a car at all times.


Sensors gather information that is transformed into insight using the latest developments in machine learning and pattern recognition. Thousands of data streams are processed simultaneously to ensure that each user receives the best care we can offer.


Engineering and technology are insufficient to transform an entire industry without ingenuity. It is the cornerstone of innovation. Unique partnerships and a responsive supply chain ensure that customers enjoy services at affordable prices.

Bringing it all Together

Vehicle Mind is poised to take the automotive aftermarket by storm. We will radically transform the way business is done and consumer interests are protected.

Our technology platform and level of customer service will set the standard for years to come.


A rare combination of technical and business minds motivated by the desire to create a difference in the automotive world. Researchers, product managers, UI/UX specialists, dedicated hardware and software developers, business developers, and investors are all working together in this endeavour.


An effort on this scale is impossible without the right partners. To change the world, we have to change minds. We have to organize and utilize collective effort. We have built partnerships with some of the biggest and best businesses in the automotive aftermarket to harness their synergies with our goals.


Montreal is fast becoming the best technological hub in North America. Blessed with a unique culture, lower costs, and top-tier universities, Montreal offers an unparalleled opportunity for growth. Artificial Intelligence is a great focus area here, along with mobility, and IoT.