Using technology to realize zero-stress car care

Vehicle Mind processes data from the car, driver, and environment to understand the current status of the car and estimate the probabilities of parts failure

Context is the key to personalization

Vehicle Mind uses the rich probabilistic context model and deep partnerships to deliver a range of convenient services to consumers

Advanced Signal Processing

At the heart of Vehicle Mind is advanced signal processing to analyze mechanical failures and driver behaviour.

Vehicle Mind uses sophisticated data analysis for insights into mechanical issues.

We estimate health of important mechanical systems like the steering column, transmission, shock absorbers, brakes, wheels, and tires, among others.

VM Ecosystem

The VM Hub device works in conjunction with the VM App to identify real-time driver behavior profiling. These are just some of the outputs generated with more being added on a regular basis.

Driving Event Analytics

Intensity and duration of acceleration, brakes, turns, speeding, coasting, etc.

Distracted Driving Detection

Detects in-car phone handling while driving

Crash Detection

Applies machine-learning techniques to detect and analyze collisions in real-time

Driver Scoring

Calculates a multi-layered driving score based on driving behaviour

Trip Analytics

Delivers in-depth trip insights with sequential events of the entire trip

Trip Context

Contextualizes driving behavior by mapping to driver context and driving conditions.

Sophisticated machine learning

Advanced machine learning techniques are used to estimate the health of important electronics systems like the fuel system, ignition system, exhaust system, and cooling system.

We monitor thousands of data streams to generate alerts and real-time notifications for any abnormalities detected.

Delivering Services at Scale

Keeping security at the heart of the platform, Vehicle Mind is building a system that can deliver excellent user-centric services on a massive scale.

Using the latest advances in IoT, big data, and machine learning, Vehicle Mind is pushing the boundaries of human creativity to solve problems that affect all vehicle owners around the world.

Vehicle Mind focuses on increasing ease, transparency, and trust for vehicle owners and the aftermarket industry. The effect of better maintained cars will be felt everywhere because a car in good running condition is smarter, safer, and greener.